Add youthfulness and vibrancy
to the face, without the need for cosmetic surgery.

Wrinkle Reduction Injections & Dermal Fillers

Non-surgical aesthetic medicine can add youthfulness and vibrancy to the face, without the need for cosmetic surgery. Dermal fillers are designed to add volume, balance and lift to your cheeks, lips and other facial areas.

Anti-wrinkle injections professionally administered can create a natural looking reduction in fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are commonly made from a compound found naturally in the human body, which helps attract and maintain hydration in the skin. Treatment involves minimal downtime and can achieve noticeable results in full facial rejuvenation, these results can last anywhere between 6 to 12 months.




The Liquid Facelift

Often referred to as the 'liquid facelift', injectable fillers are used to fill facial hollows, add volume, lift sagging skin and redefine the facial contours.  They can help recreate those plump facial contours of a youthful complexion. As we age, we lose facial subcutaneous fat – the fatty tissue situated below the skin’s dermis – which leads to skin wrinkling and  facial hollowing.

The practitioner’s level of experience is key in dermal filler treatments. Expertly placed injections will add volume and balance out the face to achieve subtle, universal results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost vary according to the type of product used, the area treated, and the amount needed.

We all know when we get a hair treatment we can have a budget haircut which is not especially personalised or you can see a professional hairdresser who will take the time to consult and work out your needs before treating you.

In doing facial injectables you are not just paying for the product but the service provided in assessing your needs, the treatment and also follow up to ensure that you benefit from an optimal result.

Prices of antiwrinkle injections can also vary according to which brand is used. Dr Irene uses the brand that has the longer safety record and has been used the longest worldwide. Prices start from $100 for a minimal treatment to the forehead.

Fillers vary in price also from $400. Dr Irene only uses fillers that are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved in Australia as being the highest quality and safety.

Both antiwrinkle injections and fillers are administered by a needle.

With antiwrinkle injections Dr Irene uses the finest needle available and also a frozen pack to minimise any discomfort. This works better than the use of topical anaesthetic (numbing) creams.

With dermal fillers it’s important to inject slowly as the fillers contain a local anaesthetic, and again, a frozen pack is used.

When treating a very sensitive area – around the mouth or lips – Dr Irene will inject some local anaesthetic like the dentist uses and this minimises any discomfort.

Dr Irene believes that by taking the time it’s possible to make these procedures relatively comfortable. Patient comfort is a priority.

There have been recent trends to overdo filler, particularly in the lips and cheeks. Dr Irene only offers treatments that look natural and believes that enhancing beauty and rejuvenating the face is best done with a natural result.

If it looks obvious you have had treatment Dr Irene believes it has not been done well.

It’s important to use the correct filler to the correct area with the correct amount to achieve a good result.
This is an art as well as a science and requires experience and a good eye for detail.

Dr Irene takes utmost care in minimising any bruising. Bruising can depend on the patient and also the injector.

Minimising the amount of needle injury to the skin can be done by using the finest needles and also a cannula in place of a needle. A cannula is like a needle with a blunt tip so when inserted into the site it can be moved to inject without causing damage to nerves or blood vessels.

Also, pre-icing the area and injecting carefully to avoid blood vessels.

The patient can also do some things to minimise bruising – avoiding alcohol the day of treatment and the previous day, avoiding anti-coagulants and also anti-inflammatory drugs 2 weeks beforehand.

Fish oil and turmeric can also affect the amount of bruising and avoiding these supplement for 2 weeks is also optimal.
Ultimately we are still using needles so it may still bruise.

If bruising does occur Dr Irene can provide you with a cream to help dissipate the bruise.

Antiwrinkle injections generally ‘kick in’ around 10-14 days which is when your scheduled review can be. We know these typically last 3-4 months. It may be that the forehead will wear out earlier than the frown.

Dr Irene recommends repeating injections at around 3 months to maintain the effect. It may be possible to decrease the dose especially to the frown if seen regularly.

Fillers come in a variety of strengths from very fine for rehydrating the skin to very robust to give maximal volumising results.The range of fillers last from 9 months onwards with the ticker fillers lasting 12-18 months.

Dr Irene believes it’s important to see the patient regularly to see if any filler is needed to top up the area before it is all fully dissipated.

If it has all worn off then it really is a matter of starting again.

Dr Irene often sees very young women who come for antiwrinkle injections in their early 20s because they can frown. A baby can frown!

The appropriate time to use antiwrinkle injections is when the lines caused by muscle movement are starting to leave a line in the skin when frowning, or smiling. That is, a static line can be seen.

Dynamic lines are the lines caused by muscle movement, and the static lines are lines left in the skin after the muscles are relaxed.

Dr Irene believes that you can use antiwrinkle injections to prevent the formation of lines but the time to start is when you are starting to get static lines. Treating before then is probably a waste of money.

The use of fillers can start at any time desired.
A fuller lip or fuller cheek is not an antiageing treatment but a beautification or glamorisation treatment and dr Irene is happy to offer these to adult patients if appropriate.

Dr Irene will not treat patients under 18 years of age unless it is medically indicated.

The prescription medicine that is used in the antiwrinkle injection can be used to treat migraines and other headaches.

Muscular headaches can be treated effectively with antiwrinkle injections as they relax these muscles. Apart from muscle relaxation the drug is also thought to block the perception of pain by blocking pain pathways and this has been well established clinically.

Also jaw clenching or bruxism can be treated. This has the benefit of relieving the pain associated with this – pain in the jaw but also headache.

This helps in prevention of dental problems of wearing or breaks of the teeth. The treatment also slims the face down as the masseter or jawline muscle shrinks.

Dr Irene offers a free consultation where she can discuss your needs and determine an appropriate treatment plan for you.

There is no obligation to proceed with the treatment at this stage.

What can Cosmetic Injectables Treat?

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