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Be assured of a professional treatment with our fully qualified and accredited tattooist.

Natural looking eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, or full lips can be yours with cosmetic tattooing, also known as permanent make-up. With 15 years of experience, Debby Bell is also a qualified government accredited Cosmetic Tattooist and a member of the Association of Cosmetic Tattooing of Australia. ​

Cosmetic Tattooing

Put away your brow powder or pencils, eye pencils & kiss your lipstick goodbye! All treatments are performed in a clean environment, adhering to the national standards of health, hygiene and safety. The finest quality equipment is used, and the needles are single use individually sterilised packs.

How is it done?

We firstly recommend a consultation with your tattooist to determine the colour and style that suits your needs, then your appointment is booked.  Please wash your hair the night before or that morning to ensure keeping your tattoo as dry as possible in the first week.

Apply Numbit anaesthetic for 30 minutes (prior to your appointment time at home or in the salon) then together we will measure, draw, create and design to your liking. A topical numbing is also used during your procedure for your comfort and upon completion, you will receive an aftercare instruction sheet for home care of your tattoo.

While browsing through the before and after photos, please keep in mind these are taken immediately after the procedure and the colour is much darker and bolder at that time. This is no indication of what the colour will look like once it has healed. Colours are normally very harsh, dark/bright and sharp for approximately five days after your treatment, then the hair strokes will soften and the tattoo colour starts to fade. Pigment fades 40- 60% within the first seven to 14 days and the true colour will be visible in 4 - 8 weeks later. Your Tattoo will be adjusted in your follow-up treatment 4-6 weeks later, 8 weeks for lips.

Stroke Brow

If your brows are too thin, uneven or have gaps, then a natural Feather Stroke brow is the answer. The method is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique. Fine line hair-like strokes are placed into the skin, alongside your own brow hair, for a natural look.

Powder Brow

This is for someone who likes a fuller brow colour, if you love to wear brow powder, then this is for you. The powder brow technique mimics the appearance of conventional brow makeup.

Ombre Brow

The Ombre Brow technique is similar to the powder brow; it incorporates a natural fade with lighter pigment at the start of the brow which gradually becomes darker at the tail.

​3D Brow Combo

A combination of Feather Stroke and Powder Brow.

Elegant Eyeliner

A cosmetic Eyeliner tattoo is the perfect solution for anyone that has vision problems, allergies, contact lens sensitivity, or an active lifestyle. A beautifully applied eyeliner is fundamental in accentuating and enhancing the shape, colour and size of your eyes.

Lash Line Enhancement

For a subtle ‘barely there’ look that defines and frames your eyes. Tiny dots of colour are implanted between the lashes creating fuller, thicker and lovelier looking lashes, this enhancement rejuvenates the eye area without the noticeable effect of makeup.

Eyeliner Tattoo

A more defined eyeliner, pigment is placed through the lashes like a Lash Enhancement and a tattoo line of your desired thickness (up to medium width), is beautifully drawn adjacent to the lash line.

Dramatic Eyeliner / Winged Eyeliner

For a bolder and more dramatic statement you may desire a thick Eyeliner Tattoo enhancement, pigment is applied through the lash line and then a more dramatic thick eyeliner is created and finished with a wedge shape or a winged tail.  Alternatively, you could consider a smudged shadow effect above your liner which may also be finished with a wing tail.

Luscious Lips

Semi permanent tattoo can change the size and shape of the lips by creating a fuller sexier lip, as well as adding colour to correct uneven balances. This procedure helps prevent lipstick bleeding into surrounding skin.

Lip Blush

A tattoo enhancing the natural lip colour with a light pixel technique to improve definition and create the illusion of fullness. This is the most natural look and great for those who are comfortable with their lips but wanting a subtle transformation, either matching to your natural lip or a dusting soft colour of your choice.

Full Lip

Blends the entire pigment into the full lip so there is no graduation of colour, a heavier saturation of colour.

Do you suffer with cold sores?  Even if you have only had one outbreak, we strongly suggest clients undergo a course of any of the following antiviral medications to prevent cold sore outbreak after your tattooing procedure.

Lysine is a natural essential amino acid, best taken one month before the procedure.

Valtrex, obtained through a prescription from your doctor, and will attack the virus immediately. Best to take two days before and after the procedure.

If choosing to get lip injectables, make sure you have your tattoo before your injectables.

Colour matching can be difficult at times, but we endeavour to match as close to your colour needs as possible.  Many things can alter the end result of the pigment colour in the skin; colour and depth of pigment, oils in your skin, sun exposure, thickness of your skin, skin care used at home, general health and medications used and neglecting to follow after care home instructions.

If you suffer allergies please let your tattooist know at the consultation.

We use semi-permanent pigments which will fade naturally over time as opposed to
Ink which is permanent and used in body tattoos.

What does it Cost

Your initial consultation is complimentary. Each procedure is followed up with an adjustment procedure 4-6 weeks later, 8 weeks for lips.

Feather Stroke Brows - $595, adjustment in 4-6 weeks $100.

Powder & Ombre Brow - $649, adjustment in 4-6 weeks $100.

3D Brow Combo - $670, adjustment in 4-6 weeks $100.

Elegant Eyeliner - Upper Liner $350, Lower Liner $250, Combined Upper & Lower Liner $650.  Each procedure is adjusted 4-6 weeks later, cost is $100.

Lash Line Enhancement – Upper Liner $250, adjustment in 4-6 weeks $100

Dramatic/Winged/Smudged Eyeliner – Upper Liner $450 - $500, adjustment in 4-6 weeks $100.

Lip Blush - $750, adjustment in 8 weeks $100.

Full Lip - $850, adjustment in 8 weeks $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a skin treatment, you are not able to have any tattooing treatments for at least 6 months after you cease taking medication. If you are taking antibiotics please let your practitioner know at the time of consultation.

If you are pregnant you will need to provide a medical note from your Doctor before you are allowed to be tattooed. Some numbing creams cannot be used during pregnancy and it is important to specify that the numbing ingredients used are Lidocain 5%, Tetracain 5% and Epinephrine .5%.

Anaesthetics are used to numb the treatment area – pre and during your treatment.  Some clients may experience slight discomfort and a stinging sensation, more so on sensitive areas such as the lips.

Yes. Most clients show little sign of swelling or redness after the treatment. The colour will be quite dark at first but this will soften and lighten within 10 days. Lip treatment clients can experience swelling and bruising and the colour will look strong for up 7-10 days, swelling will last for a few days.

Two treatments are usually needed, at least 4-8 weeks apart depending on the skin and the area you have tattooed.  With most procedures, the colour fades dramatically after a week, the second treatment is adding the required amount of colour for the best result.

At your consultation you will find out how long you will need for your procedure, it can take anything from 1.5 hours to 3.5hours depending on the area.

Cosmetic tattoo pigment colours are softer, they have been blended to create soft colours for the face. The pigments are all pre-mixed and pasteurized which makes them perfect for cosmetic applications.

Regular tattoo inks used for the body are made up of bright, contrasting and heavy colours that are great for decorative designs, these are not suitable for the face and camouflage treatments.

The choice of colours depends on your skin tone and colour of your hair and eyes. With the assistance of your practitioner, suitable colours are selected to result in the best match. You may like bring along your make up pencil or lipstick and a colour match can be made from this

At the time of your consultation you can discuss this with your practitioner, this depends on which area and colour is being used. We endeavour to give you a soft look if that is what you would like.

Immediately after treatment, the colour will appear darker than the chosen shade.  This is because the pigment takes around seven days to enter the deeper layers of the skin.

After 7-10 days the skin will exfoliate, the top layer peels off leaving a softer, lighter colour below, some itching can occur, this is a normal sign of the healing process.

The result is a natural looking enhancement, it is very important to follow the post care instruction sheet given to you by your practitioner.

Sun Exposure: The sun fades the pigment faster so sunblock is recommended to protect the tattoo, wear sunblock and a hat.

Chlorine: Swimming pools are heavily chlorinated so cover your tattoo with Vaseline to protect from the bleaching effect.

Regeneration of Skin Cells:  Each individual’s rate of skin regeneration will vary.  The longer the regeneration of skin cells takes, the longer the pigment holds, so some tattoos will last longer than others.

Skin Absorption: Slower skin absorption allows the pigment to hold for longer periods of time.  This will vary between individuals so this is another reason why some tattoos last longer on some individuals and not others.

Choice of colours:  Some colours fade quicker than others eg. A blonde will fade faster than a dark brown colour. 

Choice of your Skin Care:  Very active skin care like AHA, Vitamin C and A skin care products will accelerate the fading of your tattoo faster so avoid applying these products on or close to your tattooed areas.

Do not wear white or light coloured clothing to your appointment.  

WASH your hair the night before or the morning before your appointment, you will not be able to wet your tattoo for 5 days after your treatment.

Avoid doing any exercise workouts immediately after your tattoo procedure. 

Please allow time for your appointment. Your tattoo is usually 2-3  hours or more so please give 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule your appointment.

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